Q & A

A new food jargon seems to be “feast”?

Well,… if you stop and think about it I guess we’re kind of in vogue now.  We’ve been quietly creating regionally inspired 4 course dinners, aka feasts, since 1980.   Donna, our founder,…. and my Mom,…. set out  to create a dinner party every night for her guests.  We have continued this tradition since she passed us the reins in 2000.
 We change the menu daily in order to provide variety for our overnight guests and to embrace what’s locally in season.  For the 2020 season we will be changing to a three course offering with a choice for each course.

I’m often asked why we require reservations, why we only serve one sitting and why we ask for menu choices in advance?

It enables us to provide you the highest quality we can in terms of service and food quality.  We know in advance exactly what to source, what to prepare and with the one sitting we know exactly when we’re going to serve.  It’s a system that was instituted in 1980.  It has allowed us to survive for over 35 years in a rural area of Nova Scotia.  It is also in today’s terms quite a green way of doing things,… eliminating waste.

Why do your main courses include separate side vegetables instead of a more comprehensive dish?

It’s how I was brought up.  Those special Sunday dinners growing up, aka the Sunday Roast, always had side vegetable components.  Each were delicious and tasty all on their own.  So that’s what we bring to the plates here.
 Think of it as three different vegetable tasters to complement your entrée.   Each one is individually prepared and is a dish in its own right.

Do we do garden to table?

Absolutely and,… we have since the beginning.  We started growing vegetables because we couldn’t source what we wanted to serve.  Now, we’re accustomed to fresh produce/herbs in season and the gardens are just part of the experience. You’re more than welcome to explore our vegetable and herb gardens before dinner.  

We are listed as a fine dining establishment because?

We believe a special night out for dinner should be an experience,… a treat.  Does this mean pretentious? No, that’s what others would like you to believe but that’s not our style.
 Dress is casual, conversation is encouraged and the service is relaxed. Each party has the privacy of their own table; but,… there are no mason jars, planks or funky serving plates here.  Period dining tables are set with fine china dinnerware, cloth napkins, crystal wine glasses and quality flatware all chosen to ensure a memorable dining experience.

Oh,…. there is also a stunning view of the sea.

I look forward to meeting you,