At the Inn

Picnic table by the sea

The Amherst Shore Country Inn is on the shore of Baie Verte. Some of Baie Vert’s  unique attributes offer some unique opportunities to experience the sea. The tides have a more modest range than the neighbouring Bay of Fundy. The tides on the Northumberland Strait fall in the 8 to 15 foot range compared to 40-50 foot tides of Fundy. The sea floor falls off very gently on this region of the Strait. Thus, though the tides are not as high, they can go out very far. This allows the sun several hours every day to warm the resulting “sand flats”  which in turn, warms the water, as the high tide returns. Thus, practically every day there are several hours  to “explore the bottom of the sea” and several hours to play or swim in in this “solar heated”  Bay.

The Inn is open weekends in the winter. Snowshoes are available at the Inn. There’s lots of woods trails to keep you out of the winter winds. Gourmet winter Weekend Getaways are very popular at the Amherst Shore Country Inn.